I AM | natural light | LUT package

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This LUT preset package helps you to easily recreate the cinematic look of my travel short film “I AM“ in your own projects. The LUTs are specifically designed to add pleasing contrast and color to pretty much any natural light scene.

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You’ll receive six LUTs that handle most lighting situations and exposures. That will give you full control over each shot in your color grading process.

1. I AM_Natural Light_LUT_standard

the go-to option that works in most well-exposed scenes.

2. I AM_Natural Light_LUT_subtle

for those who like to add just a touch of the I AM look to their footage.

3. I AM_Natural Light_LUT_shadows contrast

 a great alternative to the standard LUT as it preserves more contrast in the shadows.

4. I AM_Natural Light_LUT_lifting highlights

creates a better overall contrast in dark low-contrast scenes.

5. I AM_Natural Light_LUT_shadows contrast+lifting highlights 

 strongly spreads contrasts all across the image.

6. I AM_Natural Light_LUT_dropping shadows for log

 specifically designed for overexposed log footage as it lowers the shadows significantly.


Please Note
  • The cube LUT files are compatible with major professional editing softwares (Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut) and camera monitors.
  • These LUTs are designed for flat color profiles. Depending on the color profile you should adjust the LUT intensity for best results. “I AM“ as well as the demo footage was shot in semi-flat Cine 2 picture profile on the Sony A7SII.
  • Please keep in mind that LUTs are used to establish a general look. They do NOT replace color correction and further treatment of each individual shot.


Have fun grading! Can’t wait to see your results 🙂